#General Cleaner (Soft) | #Degreaser | #Safe & Biodegradable

Product Description

This water-based cleaner is tailor-made for light to medium stains on painted or sensitive surfaces, providing a gentle yet potent alternative to harsh chemicals. With a formula that’s 100% biodegradable and non-hazardous, cleaning becomes simple without compromising safety. Greasolve-GP is user-friendly and versatile, working wonders on surfaces like walls and cars.

Painted or sensitive surfaces only, such as:

  • Painted Walls
  • Car
  • Sensitive Surface
  • Rubber Surface
  • Non-Epoxy Painted Floors
  • Coated Surface
  • [Application Instruction] Coming Soon

  • [Safety Data Sheet] Contact our Technical Sales Team

  • [Technical Data Sheet] Contact our Technical Sales Team

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