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Fire Retardant and Heat Resistant Nanocoatings


An eco-friendly and water-based solution using advanced nanotechnology and rice husk silica. It provides simple and versatile heat resistance, forming a protective layer to shield against fire. Certified for safety and sustainability, it is customizable for various applications, user-friendly and suitable for different substrates ranging from wood, steel, plastic and textile.

Product Highlights
  • Fire retardant quality: Create an intumescent shield at the surface from high temperatures, preventing damage and toxic gas emissions
  • Quick drying & smooth finish: Dries in 20 minutes to an hour, leaving a silky-smooth surface
  • Low odours: Designed for minimal odour and dissipates quickly once dried
  • Minimal surface preparation: No need for extensive preparation, just wipe and paint


An innovative water-based nanocoating solution designed to protect steel surfaces from extreme temperatures. Using advanced nanotechnology and natural ingredients derived from rice husks, it withstands temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius while regulating heat energy within surfaces. Easy to apply, non-toxic and odorless, it’s ideal for industrial and automotive use, offering durable protection with minimal surface preparation.

Product Highlights
  • Heat resistant quality: Durable coating for extreme heat conditions, preventing damage and cracks
  • Quick drying & smooth finish: Dries in 20 minutes to an hour, leaving a silky-smooth surface
  • Low odours: Designed for minimal odour and dissipates quickly once dried
  • Minimal surface preparation: No need for extensive preparation, just wipe and paint

Smart Corrosion Control Solutions



TRIZASHIELD System is a highly cost-effective corrosion under insulation (CUI) protection that combines galvanic zinc, aluminum anode cathodic protection (CP) and corrosion resistant aluminium barrier for piping, vessels and equipment under insulation.

Features and Benefits
  • Triple-layered system using a combination of two layers of galvanic CP and one layer of barrier protection
  • Recommended application temperature: -60°C to 260°C
  • Protection continues from galvanic system even if the shield is damaged
  • Minimum steel surface preparation (only wire brush; SP-2 or 3)
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Long and adjustable service life (up to 50 years)
  • Easy to apply (no specialized equipment required)

ThinTech Metal Coating

A durable nano-based clear coating safeguarding metal surfaces from rust, corrosion, UV damage and more. Resists peel, flake and animal waste damage. Advanced technology ensures lasting protection, preserving metal surfaces for longevity and superior defense against elements.

ThinTech Concerete Coating

Non-permeable protection for concrete and masonry surfaces, shielding against water, chloride ions, acids, waste, salt spray and gum. Resists peeling and flaking, comes in gloss/satin finish, ideal for exteriors, floors, pavers and blocks. Perfect solution against corrosion, moisture, acids, waste and hydrocarbons.

Energy Saving Nanocoatings

Nano E-Tech FKT

Nano E-Tech, powered by FIR Kinetic Technology (FKT), offers energy-saving solutions to enhance the flow of current, thus increasing the efficiency of busbars. By integrating advanced FKT principles, Nano E-Tech enhances thermal management and conductivity, resulting in reduced temperature rise for improved performance.

Product Highlights
  • Advanced Thermal Management: Utilizes FKT for improved heat dissipation and system reliability
  • Energy Efficiency: Minimizes heat losses and optimizes conductivity for significant energy savings
  • Innovative Applications: Tailored solutions for enhanced performance on busbars and/or busducts
  • Scientific Excellence: Patented technologies, developed by Fusion Resonance Scientists through extensive R&D efforts
  • Environmental Responsibility: Offers non-toxic solutions, prioritizing environmental safety for a greener future

Nano E-Tech QAHE

Nano E-Tech Powered by Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect (QAHE), an energy-saving and efficiency coating revolutionizing industrial and commercial building efficiency. Nano E-Tech recovers energy line losses, panel losses and equipment load inefficiencies, leading to a more efficient distribution of current throughout a building’s electrical distribution system. Resulting in energy savings and/or production efficiency improvement. Performance results audited and verified by appointed independent Energy Auditors.

Product Highlights
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Nano ETech reduces electron spin collision and suppresses Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI), minimizing line and panel losses
  • Equipment Efficiency: Improves equipment efficiency leading to increased output and/or reduced energy consumption
  • Certified Safety: Certified non-toxic, RoHS compliant and non-flammable, ensuring safety and environmental compliance
  • Proven Results: Independent audits show significant savings, ranging from 5.95% to 23.92%

Anti-Microbial and Wellness Nanocoatings

PureRay Light

PureRay Light, Powered by Germicidal Technology™️, is a new way to fight germs. An air and surface disinfectant, it eliminates airborne pathogens, purifies the air, cleans various surfaces and objects easily by just turning the lights on. PureRay Light is available in a liquid coating form for LED lights and light covers.

BreezNano Protect

Powered by Fusion Resonance Technology®️, BreezNano Protect is the ultimate germ-fighting solution for all surfaces. Engineered for efficiency, it effectively eliminates 99.99% of pathogens in less than one minute. From hospitals to homes, BreezNano Protect ensures continuous 24/7 contactless elimination (2 centimetre field) of microbes, offering peace of mind and a healthier environment for everyone.

BreezNano Revitalize

Powered by Fusion Resonance Technology®️, BreezNano Revitalize is your indoor air savior. With resonance negative ion coating technology, it continuously produces negative ions, decomposing odors, bacteria, viruses, dust and mold into harmless substances. Enjoy the refreshing indoor air, reminiscent of a forest breeze. Breathe easier with BreezNano Revitalize.

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